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Our difference: a rehab gym.

Our difference: a rehab gym.

What is a rehab gym?

One of the most common mistakes people make when they enquire about our gym is they assume it is like every other gym in town. At first glance you can not be blamed for assuming this, however once you get to know the services and professionals we offer at our gym you will soon determine if it is the right gym for you and why you should be training at our gym. Let me expand.

Firstly, our gym is focussed around recovery from injury, pain or a condition, or prevention of injury, pain or a condition. We specialise in rehab and pre-hab. Although we do offer memberships to the general public, we do not seek those whom are specifically interested in just bulking up or getting massive. We don't have the right equipment for this. We aim to provide those who do not like those types of gym a safe and supportive environment to work out in, no matter your age, size, sex or race. In fact, we encourage those who are overweight and a little modest about their size, or those who are a little older to come chat to us. We know we have the right team and environment for you.

So at first glance you might see a typical looking gym, however we offer a large range of rehab equipment, such as clinical reformers and trapeze tables, fitballs, bosu balls, dura discs, wobbleboards, resistance tubing, slideboards, wobble sticks, a whole body vibration machine, thoracic barrel, hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy equipment, pregnancy equipment and more, and we have the trained professional staff who are expert and experienced in using this type of specialised equipment. 

Our rehab gym staff include physiotherapists, an exercise physiologist, personal trainers (some with specialised rehab training and credentials), an accredited aquatic therapist and a clinical pilates instructor and a rehab pilates instructor. All of our rehab gym staff are trained in ensuring correct technique and the correct exercise is being administered to each individual. Further to this all of our professional staff communicate closely on a daily basis to ensure we are all aiming to achieve the correct goals for our patients, clients and members. We also have remedial massage therapy staff who are included and essential in our overall treatment and rehab service. Further to this we have customer service focussed admin staff who have a keen interest in fitness and health and are ecstatic when they see our patients, clients and members achieve awesome results.

Our rehab gym also caters for pregnant mums or mums to be, young mums, or for that matter mums of all ages. We offer clinical pilates and exercise programs for pregnant mums and for pre and post natal mums and their young children. We also have aquatic therapy and aquatic fitness for pregnant ladies as well as a specialised personal trainer with vast experience in pre and post natal care. We like to say we cater for the pre-pubescent to the post-menopausal (that's males and females :-) ) and everyone in between.

Another unique component of our rehab gym is the classes we offer, namely clinical pilates, group fitness, and aquatic fitness. Each of these classes is catered to a select group of people to assist with recovery or prevention of injury and you won't find these classes anywhere else in Gladstone.

Our Aquatic Rehab and Fitness services range from aquatic therapy (much like doing physiotherapy in the pool), aquatic personal training and aquatic fitness classes. The pool is a great way to commence rehabiliation for anyone with injury or whom is in pain or has restrictions, and is another exceptional method to prevent injury and pain. We offer these services at the Gladstone Aquatic Centre and utilise the heated pool complex at this facility.

So if you are interested in finding out more please drop in or contact our friendly team on 4972 0947 or send an email to [email protected] (CLICK HERE) with your number and we will give you a call.

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