Basic Pilates

Introductory level Clinical Pilates

Introduction to correct Clinical Pilates technique, posture, alignment, isolation, breathing. Helps alleviate pain of the lower back or any joint pain and muscular tightness. This class will improve your flexibility, co-ordination, fluidity, endurance, precision and stamina. Perfect for people suffering from acute pain and who have never tried Pilates before. Mainly floor work using Pilates equipment including the mat, ball, theraband and reformer. Pregnant ladies are welcome to attend this class.

Class Details

  • Teacher: Kathleen Manning, Desiree Barber
  • Monday 06:00 AM
  • Tuesday 09:00 AM
  • Wednesday 09:00 AM
  • Wednesday 04:30 PM
  • Thursday 07:00 AM
  • Thursday 05:30 PM
  • Friday 06:00 AM
  • Saturday 08:00 AM
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