Shallow Water Aqua

Shallow Water Aqua Fitness

Shallow Water Aqua Fitness Classes are a 45 minute heart pumping action packed yet totally buoyant water workout. These classes are higher intensity and are designed to increase strength, cardio fitness, overall conditioning, stamina and flexibility, are progressive and results driven in their approach. Designed to maximize exercise response whilst providing a cardio burn, you won't even know you are sweating due to the cooling effect the water has on the body. With the water acting as our resistance, you will work out up to 11 times harder than you would without this resistance. The water is an instant weight machine, the harder you push the harder the water pushes you back creating an awesome constant resistance. The classes are great for those who are looking for something different to try in a very safe, supportive, heart-pumping yet weightless environment. All ages and fitness levels are welcome, even the non-swimmers will love these classes! Classes are held in the indoor heated pool.

To attend the Aqua Fitness Class you will need to first fill out this form here click to download.

Class Details

  • Teacher: Bee Manley
  • Monday 06:15 PM
  • Wednesday 06:15 PM
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