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How does Hydrotherapy Work?

The healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on the thermal and mechanical effects of the water. Did you know you work out up to 11 times harder in the pool?

Who benefits from Hydrotherapy?

Acute & Chronic Pain: The hydrotherapy pool is the perfect environment for treating:-

â�¢ arthritis,  rheumatism, poor circulation

� sports injuries, back and neck injuries

� shoulder and upper limb injuries, hip and lower limb injuries

� balance, neurological conditions

â�¢ pre/post- operative and post traumatic 

Strengthening exercises can be performed in a low gravity environment. Exercises that would be too painful to perform on land are easily achieved in the water. The exercises strengthen muscles and result in improved mobility on land. 

Sports, Back, Neck & Limb Injuries: Excellent for core muscle strengthening after injuries to the back or neck. 

Post Op Rehab: Gait re-education can be started earlier in orthopaedic patients due to the buoyancy of the pool providing a 'low gravity' stress free environment. This is especially useful in the case of Total Hip and Knee Replacements, Total Knee Replacements and other fractures, especially involving the ankle. 

Private sessions and group classes available.

Aqua Fitness Classes also are offered. These are very popular.  We have both Shallow Water and Deep Water Aqua Fitness Classes. These classes are higher intensity and are designed to increase strength, cardio fitness, overall conditioning, stamina and flexibility, and are progressive and results driven in their approach. Designed to maximise exercise response whilst providing a cardio burn, you won't even know you are sweating due to the cooling effect the water has on the body. With the water acting as our resistance, you will work out up to 11 times harder than you would without this resistance. The water is an instant weight machine, the harder you push the harder the water pushes you back creating an awesome constant resistance. The classes are great for those who are looking for something different to try in a very safe, supportive, heart-pumping yet weightless environment. All ages and fitness levels are welcome and even the non-swimmers will love these classes! Classes are held at the town pool. Click here for more details.