• Rehab Personal Training

Rehab Personal Training

There are personal trainers then there are rehab personal trainers and there is one major difference between the two...pain and injury! Well that's two really.

When a patient has had an injury they are often very nervous about returning to sports and activities, and for very good reasons too - re-injury rates are high if rehab is not performed correctly. 

Our trainers are adept at training patient's that are:

1.Injured or recovering from injury

2. Requiring the prevention of injury

3. Needing to return to work or sports (or even just some function)

4. Overweight or underweight (often people with injury head in one direction or the other)

5. Have no idea how to exercise!

Our Physiotherapists and Rehab Personal Trainers work hand in hand to restore full function and mobility using only corrective exercises and taking into consideration the various and vast restrictions/incapacities placed on a patient that has an injury or whom is in pain.

Our trainers are focussed solely on correct exercise selection and technique execution - these combined will get patients back out into the wilderness with ease.