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FloBac Back Support

FloBac Back Support





FloBac 'Air-Flo' Back Support - Infinitely Adjustable Mesh Back Support, full back support featuring dynamic adjust-ability to suit all comfort and support needs.

Breathable 'no-sweat' mesh construction, the FloBac Back Support literally hugs the back for lateral and vertical support. Special tension straps mean you can change the curvature of FloBac to suit any physical condition and body shape.

The FloBac is superbly comfortable, versatile, lightweight and sturdy. The FloBac Back Support's unique adjustment versatility ensures optimum comfort and support for your back. The full sized back support gently cushions and supports the spine for a healthy natural spine alignment in superb comfort. Ideal for home, office, car.

FloBac's therapeutic features:

  • Adjustable straps allow you to set your comfort and support needs
  • Durable open-weave soft mesh cover allows FloBac to 'breathe'. 
  • NO SWEAT! even in the hottest conditions!
  • Designed specifically for people with spinal pain, illness or disability
  • Assists in the relief of back pain
  • Promotes good posture and correct spinal alignment
  • Compensates for poor seating - less stress on your back, less fatigue.
  • Adjustable ties for affixing to car seats and chairs.

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