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Lumbar Cushion Back Support

Lumbar Cushion Back Support





Our D-shaped Lumbar Roll / Low Back Support is used primarily for maintaining a neutral lumbar position when sitting. It is a convenient portable lumbar back support cushion for the treatment and prevention of lower back pain.

Did you know that every time you sit, you might be causing some micro-strain to your back? This is why it sometimes hurts after you've been sitting for a while, or to stand up after sitting. The answer to fix this is the Spine Saver Lumbar Roll.

Made from traditional supportive foam. It compensates for your natural tendency to slouch when seated by filling in the hollow in your back and in turn supporting your lumbar curve.

It has an elastic strap so can be fitted to any chair. Ideal for home, car, office.

You are purchasing the highest quality lumbar roll on the market, clinically designed for this use. We use these in our physio clinic, and prescribe them every single day to our patients with excellent results. 100% success rate.

Spine Saver Lumbar Roll back support

Designed specifically for people with back pain, spinal pain, illness or disability.

Provides support for your lower back and also neck if desired.

Helps relieve back pain.

Portable and lightweight. Use it anywhere you sit.

Great for car, home or office.

Compact and convenient.

Elastic strap secures the Spine Saver Lumbar Roll in the desired position.

This roll is 14cm high by 31cm long by 9cm thick. It is light weight yet quality.

If you are not sure if this will help you or if you would like to know how to use it send us a message.

If somehow you manage to damage it through normal use we will gladly replace or refund it. 

Comes in plastic wrap.

We have a massive range of other quality products that we sell in the clinic. If you are chasing anything sport or rehab related drop us a line and we will do our best to get you the best price.


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