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Orthotics Vasyli Arch Support

Orthotics Vasyli Arch Support





At our Physio Clinic we see a lot of patients with a range of painful conditions - such as heel spurs, knee problems, lower back pain, calf muscle strains, to name a few- many of which are actually derived from poor feet positioning, dropped arches, flat feet, even high arches and altered walking patterns.

We use the Vasyli Custom Orthotics OTS with excellent results. These are a heat moudable fully customisable foot orthotic (arch support) that can be fitted to most types of feet and shoes. They come in a pair.

Additions are also available and easily added on if required to increase the support and effectiveness of the orthotic. Email us if you require these or are unsure.

Patients who have Private Health Insurance, such as Medibank Private, may be able to claim a rebate on these orthotics (ie you may be entitled to get some money back). Please tell us if you have PHI and we will include the appropriate documentation with your order.

In this listing we have:

VASYLI Customs - Medium Density (Blue) - Designed for the "average" patient with general orthotic needs, blue density orthotics provide excellent biomechanical control. 

Available in 3/4 and full length models. These will fit most enclosed shoes, including all work boots, sneakers, athletic shoes, football shoes, leather shoes and even many sandals.

Features & Benefits:

Vasyli Custom Orthotics

Triplanar Motion Control - "TMC"™

  1. Rearfoot Angular Restraining Mechanism "ARM"™ controls frontal plane motion (calcaneal eversion) STC: Sustentacula tali control™ - the control point for the rearfoot wedge
  2. 1st ray plantarflexor - assists function of the 1st ray, a major stabilizing influence in the forefoot
  3. Lateral grid: prevents lateral shifting of the heel cup during the strike phase
  4. Metatarsal raise - assists function of the metatarsals "transverse arch"
  5. Deep heel cup - stabilizes heel position to maximise control
  6. Sorbon™ shock dot - designed to dissipate force along the angle of strike
  7. Rubbed nylon with "footfresh"™ - deodorizing cover eliminates odor and moisture build up
  8. Heat mouldable
  9. Balanced rearfoot - forefoot ensures correct foot function
  10. Sagittal plane control - assists in controlling midfoot alignment
  11. Triplanar Motion Control™
  12. The ability to control foot function in all 3 cardinal planes: Frontal-Transverse-Sagittal.



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