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Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis Elbow Brace


For Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Elbow Tendonitis



This elbow brace is used primarily for the treatment and relief of Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylalgia). Working in an industrial town this condition is common. This brace can also be used in Golfer's elbow, or indeed any pain associated with the elbow when gripping something.

You are purchasing a quality brace. We use these in our physio clinic, and have been using this same brand for over 15+ years. They are the cheaper alternative to the expensive ones, but most people do not require an ongoing use of this brace, so the cheaper ones work fine.

How does it work: there is a silicon pad that when positioned correctly reduces muscle loading therefore reducing the "pull" on the sore area

If you are not sure if this will help you or if you would like to know how to use it send us a message.

One size fits all.

Comes in a box.

We have a massive range of other quality products that we sell in the clinic. If you are chasing anything sport or rehab related drop us a line and we will do our best to get you the best price.


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