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Exercise Pilates Yoga Gym Mat

Exercise Pilates Yoga Gym Mat


2cm thick



These mats have been specially made specifically for our clients as we were not able to find a well priced quality mat on the market.

The uniqueness of this mat is that it is 20mm thick (2cm) and made from high quality NBR rubber (not low quality foam or PVC). This makes this mat more resilient and resistant to wear and tear compared to a standard exercise mat. It is almost like memory foam.

It is 180 cm long, 60cm wide and 2 cm thick. Yet still only $70 delivered. Have been advised we could be selling these for double that price.

Patients of ours use these for all forms of floor exercise, Pilates, yoga, gym workouts, indoor and outdoor exercise and even camping. You can even sleep on them (they are so comfy) if you wish.

We guarantee the quality.


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