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Fisiocrem Solugel Anti-inflammtory

Fisiocrem Solugel Anti-inflammtory





Fisiocrem SOLUGEL is a natural solution which is used primarily for the relief of muscle and joint aches and pains, bumps and bruises. The natural plant extracts provides relief from the pain associated with common muscle, joint and soft tissue trauma as well as assisting in the management of injuries such as lower back pain, whiplash and sciatica. I am an experienced Physiotherapist and use this product with outstanding results. 

This product is an anti-inflammatory cream, similar to Nurofen and Voltaren, however only contains natural ingredients, namely Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum, Melaleuca. We get better results using this natural product over the other synthetic creams as mentioned above.

This product comes in a Small 60g Tube, Medium Tube 120g or a Large 250g Tube.

If you are not sure if this will help you or if you would like to know how to use it send us a message and we will tell you.

Comes in a sealed tube.

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What's in it?

What’s in it?

You already know the value and use of Fisiocrem SOLUGEL in easing muscular aches. You know that the plants active ingredients have been in traditional use for many, many years based on old traditional folklore and healing.

But modern science brings many new insights into active plant ingredients, their components and activities.

At Fisiocrem, we offer you some “light” in this field.

Arnica montana

Arnica is probably one of the best-known herbs worldwide for its use in natural medicine. It has become famous for its role in Homeopathic medicine where the dilution of the plant is used orally.

Arnica pure herb extracts, when applied topically are effective in treating soft tissue injuries and especially for recovery from bruising.

Hypericum perforatum

Commonly known as “St John’s Wort”, the oily extracts are bright red in colour from the active components, hypericin and hyperforin. St John’s Wort has a long history for its use in soothing lower back pain, strains and sprains.

Calendula officinalis

Plays an important role providing a calming relief for angry localised tissues.

Fisiocrem SOLUGEL does not contain parabens, hydroxybenzoates or any other artificial preservatives.

How to use it?

Take a liberal amount (approximately 1 teaspoon) and rub gently into the affected area. Use as often as required, normally 2-3 times per day.

The more you apply or the longer you rub the greater will be the effect. Fisiocrem SOLUGEL is easy to use and has a pleasant natural fragrance. Fisiocrem SOLUGEL is suitable for use before and after the application of therapeutic Ice or Heat and can be applied prior to support bandaging. It can be used as a coupling agent with physiotherapeutic ultrasound.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your Healthcare Professional. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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