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Zen Spray Joint & Muscle Relief

Zen Spray Joint & Muscle Relief





Zen Spray is used primarily for the rapid relief of pain from arthritis, sports injury, back pain, rheumatism and bruises. It is a high potency herbal medicine that works specifically to reduce inflammation and pain. Used for the successful relief from aches and pains. 


Panax pseudoginseng root 25mg Angelica polymorpha root 15mg Spatholobus Suberectus stem 15mg Commiphora molmol stem bark resin 13mg boswellia carterri stem bark resin 12mg Drynaria fortunei rhizome 10mg dispacus japonicus root 9mg amica montana flower 1mg mentha herb oil ess 100mg cajuput oil 5mg

Comes in a sealed spray bottle 100ml.

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