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Pillow Height Measurement

Pillow Height Measurement


Normally $29. COMPLIMENTARY for a limited time only. Do not purchase - just follow instructions below.



Please email us ([email protected]) 2 clear photos (one on your back, one on your side) of you in your normal bed, such that we can clearly see your head and chest (at least to mid back). 

You will receive a short report on the correctness of the height of your pillow and what changes are required, if any.

It is quite possible that this might explain some of your neck/back pain and/or headaches.

Please also send us the material your current pillow is made out of (such as traditional foam, latex, memory foam, polyester = most pillows, etc) and the firmness of your bed (firm, medium, soft) as this will assist in our calculation.

Please note we stock a small range of professional pillows in our clinic with differing sizes and densities, so we can fit about 95% of people to the correct pillow.