Bee Manley


Master Rehab Trainer/KLT Coach

Bee started out in the fitness industry when she was young, with a passion for sports. She loves her sports and being around it, in every aspect. She believes every component of fitness holds a fundamental key to your personal wellness and happiness. Being a Personal Rehab Trainer and Kinetic Link Training (KLT) Coach Bee realises that change happens consistently and is never routine. Bee strongly believes that prevention is always better than a cure. Knowing the risk factors and the reasons for injuries helps her clients to reach their goals in the most effective and pain-free way. 

Bee has assisted many people achieve their personal goals, which she secretly classes as her own goals. She loves to see her clients train hard, be driven and strive to achieve their goals. 

When Bee isn’t in the gym she can always be found outdoors with her 2 kids either camping, hiking, fishing, wood carving, on the motorbike or with her feet firmly planted in the garden.

Qualifications: Level 3 Cert. 4 Personal Trainer, Certificate in Master Rehabilitation, Certificate in Kinetic Link Training & Coaching 

Accreditations: Group Fitness Instructor, Rehab Support, Injury Prevention, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Facilitation Taping, Pressure Biofeedback Unit Instructor, Vibrogym Instructor, Movement Deficit Assessor