Desiree Barber


Clinical Pilates Instructor

Desiree is a one-of-a-kind addition to our team, and is regarded as one of the best Pilates Instructors out there. Having started with us in April 2011, she adds a wealth of experience and a unique skill set to the team.

Desiree’s background in dance and ballet, reaching the Australian Ballet level, was where she was first introduced to Pilates. By 1998 Desiree had completed her Certificate III in Fitness Training, Certificate III and IV in Personal Training and Level 3 Pilates floor, fitball, theraband, Trapeze and Reformer at the Pilates Institute of Australasia. This vast array of qualifications has enabled Desiree to obtain skills that can be incorporated closely into the treatment regimes of clients at Physio & Fitness, with amazing results.

Desiree has an uncanny ability to determine ailments a person may have just by observing their movements, and then adapt a Pilates and exercise program in order to correct those ailments. Desiree constantly receives outstanding reviews about her professionalism, care, skill level and results. Desiree offers group class sessions as well as individualised one on one sessions.



“Desiree you are amazing, thank you for your introduction to Pilates.”

Michelle Metcalfe

Happy Customer