Jasmine Todd



Jasmine graduated with an A average overall from Auckland University of Technology in 2013 back in New Zealand and has played a large part in working the physiotherapy roles with both cricket and rugby teams back home. In a short space of time and with a massive passion driving her to help people, she attained experience predominantly within the musculoskeletal private practice field, older peoples health, and neurological rehabilitation both within aged and pediatric populations.

Jasmine loves being a physio for no bigger reason other than "I love to make a difference in peoples' lives."

Since being in Australia she has attained pre- and post- operative orthopaedic rehabilitation and return to work experience, which she greatly enjoys. Overall she is passionate about all sports injuries but particularly has an interest in upper and lower back pain that are both acute and chronic in nature.



“I am writing to you to commend you on your efforts, and in particular my physio Jasmine Todd. If it not for her advice and treatment I would not be standing here today. When I first came to Jasmine I was 3 months post-surgery and had only just started walking without crutches. I had reconstructive surgery on my shattered heel and her recovery plan helped me gain movement and build up strength. Jasmine had me doing hydrotherapy, gym programs, at home exercises, and it was a lot of hard work but worth it. Even after the first time she adjusted my foot everything felt 10 times better. Now I have orthotics from her and the confidence to be able to return to work. I can safely say that I would not have made the progress that I have without Jasmine's care, and the support of the team at Gladstone Physio & Fitness. ”

Nathan Bettridge

Post Surgery Rehabilitation