Kathleen Manning


Rehab Pilates Instructor

Kathleen joined our team in October 2015 having trained as our Rehab Pilates Instructor under Desiree (prior to Desiree taking Maternity Leave). Although she has been very active most of her life and always held a gym membership, it was in 2013 whilst training hard and achieving great personal results that Kathleen thought "why not do something I love as a career" which saw her obtain her Certificate III in Fitness mid 2014.

At this time Kathleen also started attending Desiree's Clinical Pilates classes with us and her love of pilates and movement began. Her desire to learn prompted her to train with Studio Pilates International, completing Matwork 1 in November 2014, Ball, Circle, Band and Advanced Matwork in August 2015, Reformer certification in October 2015 and most recenly Trapeze certification in November 2015.

Kathleen is very excited to be a part of our team and brings with her an energetic enthusiasm and commitment to become the best Pilates Instructor she can possibly be. In her "off" time, Kathleen enjoys hanging out with her three daughters and husband, taking long walks with friends, working out and reading up about body movement. 



“I would just like to say how wonderful Kathleen is and that she is such a valuable asset to Gladstone Physio & Fitness. In the short time I have been attending her Pilates classes my life has changed and I now have light at the end of the tunnel. My dark days are gone, and my pain is slowly disappearing, simply because you took the time to listen. With thanks.”


Pilates Class member